Kencor, Inc. safeguards your elevator systems through routine and on-call preventive maintenance and repairs.


Elevator Maintenance Programs

Choosing a preventive maintenance program with Kencor, Inc. increases the value and reliability of your equipment. Kencor Elevator Systems works closely with customers to develop both on-site and off-site packages that meet your needs and budget. Our effective maintenance helps prevent costly repairs or failed inspections and promotes the everyday safety of your equipment and riders.

Kencor, Inc. maintains elevators by all major manufacturers, both originally installed by our company or any other. We’re on-call 24/7 to respond to your service demands when they arise, minimizing down-time and keeping your building operating smoothly.

Kencor, Inc. is Equipped for Your Elevator Maintenance:

Kencor, Inc. routinely completes time-tested elevator maintenance check-charts, oil logs, and trouble call logs to produce the most up-to-date picture of your maintenance.

Kencor, Inc. uses diagnostic tools, our central warehouse inventory, wiring diagram library, machine shop, and vehicle inventory to respond swiftly and comprehensively to your maintenance demands.

Our company employs advanced electronic dispatching and computerized call tracking to ensure service efficiency.

Our team of Certified Elevator Technicians (CETs), veteran supervisors, and Qualified Elevator Inspectors receive ongoing safety and technical training to deliver optimal service.


Kencor, Inc. Maintenance Programs

Kencor Elevator Systems recommends either a Full Maintenance Agreement or Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement for your maintenance program. We also customize contracts to your specific maintenance demands while avoiding unnecessary costs. Contact us to learn more about our Agreements or to schedule a site visit to survey your equipment.

Full Maintenance Agreement

Kencor, Inc. provides regular, systematic preventive maintenance, usually at monthly intervals, as well as regular time trouble calls and repairs. Our Full Maintenance program allows you to more accurately budget for the annual cost of your elevator. Most labor and materials fees, for example, are included in Full Maintenance Agreements. Kencor, Inc. considers numerous factors, including equipment age, condition, type, frequency of use, any pre-maintenance program repairs required, and your budget to determine if this is the right program for you.

Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement

The Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement offers the same preventive maintenance services as Kencor, Inc.’s Full Maintenance Agreement. However, your maintenance visit frequency may vary based on your needs and the requirements of the equipment and your building, and costs can vary. The Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement is popular for clients whose equipment receives less traffic, including churches, schools, and other sites with limited use of elevators. This agreement is often the coverage for handicap lifts that may be used infrequently, for example. Additionally, Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreements are extended to those units that may not qualify for Full Maintenance Program coverage. Kencor, Inc. assesses equipment age, condition, type, frequency of use, pre-maintenance program repairs required, your budget, and other factors to recommend this alternative Agreement.

We tailor our installation, service, and repair to your needs. Get A Quote!

Investing now in the right maintenance for your elevator protects your occupants and preserves your equipment for the long-term. Kencor Elevator Systems looks forward to developing your maintenance program to satisfy your requirements and budget. Please contact us to learn more about our offerings and arrange a quote.

Customer Feedback

Thank you for sending Jonathan to my home yesterday. He did an excellent job, was very professional, and was able to fix the elevator quickly. You have a new lifetime customer!

- Stephen G. (Residence)

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how professional, knowledgeable and courteous were the two gentlemen that you sent to work on our elevator at our school, Scott G. and Peter A. They were wonderful! Also thank you for always having Robyn M. service our elevator. He is a true blessing!

- Administrative Assistant, Saints Peter and Paul School

He was there in less than an hour after she placed the call. He always does an amazing job. He knows exactly what's wrong with the elevator all the time, he's great at what he does. He's pleasant, delightful, and so kind towards her parents. He's a real God-send.

- Review about Scott F. (service technician)

I am truly impressed with the timely response of my service call yesterday. I was impressed with Mike’s followup and believe he was truly knowledgeable and is a valuable asset. I look forward to working with your company in the future.

- Dr. Anthony from Josephs House Assisted Living

Just wanted to take a second and thank you and everyone at Kencor who was involved in this last repair issue with our elevator. I really appreciate the rapid response and the quality service! I wish all of my vendors operated this way!

- Greg Director of Operations
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