What is Elevator Uptime?

Elevator Uptime Calculator

Elevator uptime may not necessarily be a term that most property owners and managers are familiar with, but it is a metric that you can use to measure the amount of time your elevator is up and running.  By focusing on uptime, you can discover the value of elevator services in your building.  Conversely, by looking at elevator downtime you can discover the economic impact to your building by not being able to fully utilize your elevator equipment.

The Downside of Elevator Downtime

When your elevator breaks unexpectedly it can lead to days without elevator service.  Many property owners don’t actively monitor their elevator downtime, which in turn means that they do not have a clear understanding of how well their elevators are running.  Monitoring your elevator uptime provides you with valuable insights into the efficiency of your elevators and can provide you with an indicator of the overall health and wellbeing of your equipment.  This in turn, can be used to predict future breakdowns.

Unintended breakdowns can lead to disruption of services for your tenants, their businesses, and can create severe tenant dissatisfaction.  Sudden, unexpected service interruptions can generate major repair costs and safety hazards and can lead to a property garnishing a bad reputation with a declining property value.

Ways to Maximize Elevator Uptime

The most effective way to maximize elevator uptime is to ensure that your elevators are receiving regularly scheduled maintenance.  By arranging for regularly scheduled maintenance, you can limit the frequency of emergency service calls, and be proactive by addressing issues before they turn into major repairs.

When elevator maintenance reaches a stage where it becomes reactive, due the age and obsolescence of the equipment, modernize the equipment.  It’s important to understand that even well-maintained systems will age and eventually require modernization or replacement of the equipment to keep it running reliably and safely.  When it’s time to modernize, your elevator service provider can provide options that can suit your budget and spread the costs utilizing a phased approach if necessary.

Taking a Proactive Approach is Less Expensive

The costs associated with regular elevator maintenance is typically significantly lower than those costs of poorly maintained and deteriorating systems that become increasingly likely to fail and require emergency repairs.  The best way to keep your elevator uptime as high as possible is to keep your elevators serviced and upgraded.

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