What is a Hydraulic Drive System?

There are two major elevator systems in use today: rope system and hydraulic system. A rope system is the simplest as it just employs the simple machine, a pulley, in order to raise and lower. But a hydraulic elevator lifts the car using a hydraulic ram. The ram is a fluid-driven piston (the rod supporting the car) inside a cylinder. The airtight cylinder fills with fluid, pushing the piston, and thus the car, upwards, or the fluid is pumped out causing the car/piston to go down. The hydraulic system is more comfortable for passengers, but is also more complex. The system must have control mechanisms, so that passengers can operate the elevators, and they also need safety mechanisms to keep everything running smoothly.

The elevator repair professionals at Kencor Elevator can install your affordable home elevator safely and effectively. And with bases all over the Eastern-Central United States, they are always quick and efficient.

Elevator Systems utilize an electro-hydraulic drive system that allows placement of the machine room adjacent to the hoist-way thus taking up less space in your home or office. Built to commercial standards, their electro-hydraulic systems are proven safe and reliable. They also stand behind their work with consistent maintenance services.

The standard features with an elevator installation from Kencor Elevator include programmable micro-processor control system, battery operated emergency lighting and operating, child-safe door system, as well as a custom elevator cab to match the décor of your home or office.

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