Top 10 Things to Look for in an Elevator

At Kencor Elevator Systems we take pride in our work. We take great efforts to provide the highest quality products and service in the elevator maintenance industry. Along the way we have learned some things about what to look for when you are purchasing a home or business elevator that will help you maintain it in the long run.

  1. Safety is the most important aspect to consider when comparing elevator models. Look at elevators that exceed safety requirements and well designed, so that you and your elevator passengers feel confident that they will quickly and safely travel the building.
  2. Great manufacture maintenance plans are another concern for elevator contractors. An “out of order” elevator is a major inconvenience, so be sure that it won’t happen often. And remember, if something does happen, Kencor Elevator systems is your premier elevator repair company.
  3. Relatively small space necessities are something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late. Elevators require hoistways, platforms and pits, so certain structural modification must be considered. You may want to look for an elevator model that can be accommodated with the least amount of structural changes.
  4. Energy saving elevators are becoming more and more frequent. Elevators require a lot of energy, so keep your bills down by doing your research.
  5. Sustainable materials are another recent innovation in elevators. Often sustainable materials are less expensive than exotic materials as well as being eco-supportive.
  6. Easy to repair or remodel. Elevators are built to last the lifetime of the building so you want to be sure that you can change your elevators as often as you change the styles of the building.
  7. Easy cleaning is a day-to-day consideration, so it is very important when making your decision.
  8. Building value is increased by the addition of a business or residential elevator so be sure that your elevator is high-quality.
  9. Style. The interior of your elevator is what your visitors will see, so make sure that you pick a style that fits your needs and your wants.
  10. Luxury should be considered because elevators transport people. No one wants to stand in a shaky, loud, or smelly elevator while they travel through a building.

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