Top 10 Reasons for Buying from Kencor Elevator

The installation of residential elevators in any home is a wise investment. Choosing to install this bit of transportation adds a great deal to your house value and has many other benefits as well.

1. Invest In Your Home

Not only does installing an elevator increase the possibilities of home business, but it increases the value of your own home.

2. Installed Without a Fuss

Our elevator installation experts are acclaimed are dependable and affordable and Kencor Elevator always gets great customer service reviews.

3. Prepare for Age

With a residential elevator in your home, you can remain independent as long as possible without moving to a smaller house without stairs.

4. Go Energy Efficient with a Kencor Elevator

Installing a classic, standard residential elevator or dumbwaiter is a plus, because it is energy efficient, safer and more reliable, and of course raises the value of any home greatly.

5. Convenient

So many tasks of carrying things up and down stairs, such as loads of laundry or groceries, can become easier when you have an elevator or dumbwaiter. Our elevator maintenance is just what you need.

6. It’s Unique

Homeowners and businesses boast of their custom made elevators and lifts that can add value and pizzazz to any building. Our elevator designs are unique, and installing residential elevators is sure to astound your neighbors.

7. Condensing

If you want more space but have a smaller yard, having an elevator grants easy access to a 2nd or 3rd floor, allowing you to keep adding without allocating more space for stairs.

8. Design It Yourself

Residential elevators can be custom made from the beginning to the end with you and the installers working together. For home as well as business elevators, our elevator installation options can offer you quality architecture and timeless design.

9. Many Options

There are so many different elevator designs and products that you can easily find one for your household or business that is just what you need. Whether you want luxury or basic, there is always something for everyone.

10. Easy to Repair

With so many Kencor Elevator locations home and business elevators are easy to repair by the same company that installed them.