Tips For Elevator Maintenance & Notes on Repair

Kencor, Inc. Elevator Systems has seen the harmful effects of an elevator in need of repair service, including reduced access and negative perceptions from visitors and occupants. To help business regain smooth functionality, our certified elevator technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With direct access to a diverse inventory of replacement parts, we can ensure the highest quality repair in a time frame that satisfies your needs.

But the surest way to avoid unforeseen repairs is to perform routine elevator maintenance on your equipment. Owner initiated maintenance practices help prevent unforeseen repairs and increase the life of equipment in conjunction with a Kencor, Inc. Elevator Systems service package. Here are some tips for independently maintaining your elevator system to ensure elevator safety and satisfaction:

  • We encourage you to be proactive about your elevator service package to minimize unneeded repairs or down elevators and increase visitor and occupant satisfaction. Routinely review your records and satisfaction level with your elevator providers.
  • Keep track of how often you call your service providers for which elevators.
  • Observe the safety features provided on your elevator daily.
  • Provide your employees with an emergency rescue procedure for entrapments. contact Kencor, Inc. Elevator Systems for guidelines or trainings on developing elevator emergency rescue procedures. We also recommend that you provide Kencor, Inc. with your emergency contact information.

Kencor, Inc. Elevator Systems welcomes new and existing customers to contact us about your repair needs. We recommend new customers contact us to learn about repair packages before repairs are required to further minimize elevator down time or prevent it altogether.