The Kencor Difference

At Kencor, Inc., we are often asked to update existing elevator systems. As an integral part of a building’s architecture, it is important to keep your elevator updated with the latest technology and building code specifications. Modernization not only contributes to tenant and visitor satisfaction, but also raises the value and competitiveness of your building. Modernization makes a positive outward impression by helping to ensure reliability, smoothness, quietness of ride, and aesthetics. With Certified Elevator Technicians (CETs) and qualified inspectors, Kencor, Inc. is well-equipped for all of your elevator maintenance and repair needs. When you work with Kencor, Inc. for elevator repair in Pennsylvania, you get:

  • Modern diagnostic tools, a central warehouse inventory, comprehensive wiring diagram library, machine shop, and vehicle inventory at immediate disposal to respond to your specific maintenance requirements.
  • Time-tested maintenance check charts, oil logs, and trouble call logs to produce an up-to-date picture of your maintenance needs.
  • Electronic dispatching and computerized tracking of calls and visitations to ensure efficiency in service.
  • A leader in CET training and is a Safety Training OSHA Partner.

Kencor, Inc. modernizes your equipment according to your specifications, timeline, and budget. We also continue to work exclusively with non-proprietary equipment, which means you can continue to choose your own maintenance provider moving forward. Kencor, Inc.’s dedicated staff looks forward to working with you to develop your next modernization plan.

Click here or call us today at (800) 220-4046 to speak to a Certified Elevator Technician at Kencor, Inc. and start your building on the path to modernization, safety and customized maintenance.