Signs That Your Elevator Needs Repair and Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance

Elevators are the most reliable and safe means of transportation that exists today.  However, like all forms of mechanical and electrical systems, problems can develop.  These problems can lead to potential safety concerns and can lead to elevator shutdowns and repairs.  By learning to recognize early warning signs of elevator issues you can help to prevent and mitigate these problems.

Early Signs of Elevator Problems

Elevators need regular and systematic maintenance to ensure that the entire system is running smoothly.  There are signs that you can detect by audible and visual means such as unusual sounds, jerky movement and buttons that stop working correctly.  By spotting these early signs you can alert your elevator maintenance provider before they cause a service interruption and lead to expensive repairs.

Visual Warning Signs

  • Mis-leveled Floor Stops

If you notice that your elevator is stopping above or below the landing threshold, it’s an early warning sign that needs to be rectified immediately.  It can become a tripping hazard to the public invitee if the mis-leveling exceeds ½ inch above or below the threshold.

  • Changes in Door Speed

If you notice a difference in the operation of the elevators doors due to opening or closing slower, it is usually a sign that they door system needs to be checked and repaired.  If this goes unchecked, it can lead to more expensive repairs or a total replacement of the entire door system.

  • Horizontal Scratches on Doors

Scratches on the elevator doors are a sign that the doors are beginning to suffer from misalignment and should be checked.  Doors that are misaligned can cause breakdowns and they can begin to prematurely wear the equipment.

  • Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can cause problems with elevators, especially if they are hydraulic elevators.  You should regularly check the temperature in your elevator machine room during cold weather months.  The ambient temperature in this location needs to be maintained and corrective action should be taken if the temperature goes below 50 degrees.

Audible Warning Signs

  • Banging, Squealing, Screeching, and Clanging

A normal functioning elevator runs smoothly and quietly.  If you hear unusual noises, this could be an indication that there are issues that need to be verified and checked by a certified elevator technician.  These audible signs should not be ignored as they can shorten the life expectancy of the equipment if not attended to.

Be Vigilant for Potential Problems

To minimize service interruptions, it is always helpful to be vigilant to the above noted potential warning signs that your elevator is in need of service and repair.  You can perform daily inspections of your elevator to ensure everything is in working order.  If you are receiving constant service calls on your equipment it may need an elevator modernization or major repair.  For help with evaluating your elevator system call our friendly team at (800) 220-4046 or