Put the Spring Back in your Elevator!

As with your vehicle, home, or work space, a tune-up in the Spring is always recommended with having a vertical transportation device. By scheduling a routine elevator maintenance visit, providing a general Spring clean-up should be quick and easy! With these tips below, it will help maintain the life, comfort, and reliability of your elevator, wheelchair lift, or dumbwaiter. We encourage a thorough check up after the winter season so if there are any additional concerns, they are addressed immediately and the device is ready for the warmer months. Some things to keep in mind that need to be maintained by a certified elevator technician are:

Elevator Maintenance List

  • Clean and lubricate railways in both traction and hydraulic elevators.
  • Double check traction cables for any overextended tension, frayed wires, or overall abnormal wear and tear.
  • Check oil levels in hydraulic elevators and witness the oil operating as the elevator is in motion. Refill, if needed.
  • Clean pits of trash debris dropped from passengers. Maintain clear pits always.
  • Check for any water damage throughout the elevator (roof, pit, electrical). Be sure to regularly check the pit for flooding from storms and pipes in the building.
  • Check operation of all belts and chains and any bolts that need replacement.
  • Elevator electrical panels should be routinely checked.
  • Check that the bulbs in emergency lights are operational.
  • Make sure the lights inside the cab of the elevator are operational.
  • Check that all hall lanterns, position indicators, and hall buttons are active and lighting properly.
  • Check that you have extra sets of elevator and fireman’s keys on hand for emergency purpose.

With these tips, we hope that your elevator is providing you with its’ best possible performance and providing your building passengers comfort in knowing its’ operation is sound. As always, if you have any questions or would like your route technician to double check something of concern, please call our offices and we will accommodate your request promptly or during the next service visit.