Kencor Establishes Quality Assurance Program and Promotes Employee

Kencor Elevator Systems inaugurated its Quality Assurance program by promoting veteran employee and technical expert Mike Hollinshead to the position of Technical Support Lead. Reporting directly to the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, John Dodds, Mike represents Kencor’s serious commitment to continual improvement in customer service and employee advancement. In his new role, Hollinshead will monitor interdepartmental performance. He will identify logistical and behavioral patterns to promote service reliability and enhance Kencor employees’ skills.

“The reason Mike will be successful is based on his ability to communicate. Mike’s personality and technical ability combine to make him ideal for this position,” Dodds said. Hollinshead worked for nine years at Kencor, Inc., including as a Certified Elevator Technician (CET) and supervisor. As an advanced mechanic, Hollinshead regularly advised his colleagues on troubleshooting technical questions and identifying service problems. Now, Hollinshead will focus his advisory efforts across every department at Kencor, Inc.

Kencor Elevator Systems’ Quality Assurance program is shaped by the goal of continual improvement. It examines, analyzes, and adjusts every aspect of Kencor’s operating departments, from maintenance and repair to customer service. Taking a systems-based approach, Hollinshead will coordinate with staff to observe how inventory, facilities, equipment, and employee knowledge affect service delivery. He’ll make recommendations to boost elevator safety and performance while training and motivating staff to excel.

At the foundation of Hollinshead’s efforts is a commitment to fostering positive relationships. “The best way to communicate with me is to call me,” Hollinshead said, adding, “I’m hoping my position will help all our technicians to continue to grow in their own troubleshooting skills.” While he works across departments, Hollinshead will be tasked to create and foster trust. He is responsible for motivating Kencor’s staff as a value-driven team. Hollinshead has already built highly functional groups within the company as a supervisor; his new work will be to replicate and extend that team-building company-wide.

“My goal in my position is to do my best to make every department improved technically,” Hollinshead stated. As a result, Dodds forecasted, “Ultimately, we will have elevators running longer, reduce downtime, and improve the quality of modernization.” While Hollinshead leads Kencor’s Quality Assurance efforts to progress, he also contributes to fulfilling the company’s founding mission: to promote the safe and efficient operation of vertical transportation systems through the professional and timely delivery of construction, maintenance and repair services by an educated and experienced workforce.