The Importance of Oil Filtration on your Hydraulic Tank Unit

As with any transportation vehicle, oil maintenance is of utmost importance. Not only does it keep the machine working and lubricating properly, it provides insight into the wear and tear the vehicle’s mechanics are going through.

Within Kencor, we recommend an oil filtration process approximately every 5 years depending on site conditions.  Furthermore, we will advise you if there is an indicator that cleaning is needed sooner while performing our routine maintenance visits.  Kencor began recommending this particular elevator maintenance in 2010 and we have been striving to get all of our customers’ units up to date with this service.

In an effort to provide the safest means of vertical transportation, we do proactively send out a quote and letter for this particular maintenance if we noticed it has not been completed in the last five years. The main cause of failure of a hydraulic system is due to solid particle contamination of the hydraulic oil. All oil contains some level of contaminants; hence, filtration of the contaminants is one of the most important assignments to satisfy in a hydraulic system. These contaminants, which cause machine parts to wear out, are cleaned from the oil through filtration. The presence of contaminants, if left untreated, can cause a catastrophic failure, which takes place when a component suddenly fails to function, such as jamming of a check valve or when a fiber of a critical size goes between the seat and the plug, causing excessive leaking or malfunctioning of the system (1).

Filtration of the oil is the only practical method to prevent contaminants flowing into the hydraulic components. The objective of filtration is to maintain a predetermined cleanliness level that will provide sufficient service life (1).

If you are interested in having this particular maintenance performed on your elevator, do not hesitate to contact our offices for an estimate and to schedule a visit.


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