Are your Elevators Ready for Winter?

Preventative elevator maintenance is always the cornerstone of continuous operation and long life span of your elevators. Natural causes such as weather can have many adverse effects on safe operation. It is increasingly important for building owners and property managers to be aware of how cold weather can affect your elevators.

It’s important to be vigilant about elevator safety at all times, but during the winter months Kencor stresses an even greater importance. There needs to be a constant watch for excess water and snow buildup in the lobby landing and car door sills, as well as the floor lobby landing while people enter and exit an elevator car.  Also, in some areas and high rises, the wind during the winter months can be so powerful, it can impede proper door operation. Wind in the winter months can prevent elevator doors from closing, as the elevator shaft acts like a chimney, with the wind sweeping from the lobby up the elevator shaft.

In addition to providing dry floors in and around elevators, it’s also important to maintain climate controlled machine rooms to prevent issues with elevator controls and motors. The most detrimental weather related issue for elevators is often the fluctuations of temperatures in the machine room during the cold-weather months. It’s also important to maintain proper rail lubrication as they can get too dry during the winter months and elevators then face functionality and efficiency issues.

During your monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual preventative maintenance contract calls, double check with your technician to ensure the machine room temperature and elevator rails are properly lubricated to avoid any issues with car travel.