Elevator Maintenance and Repair is Vital to Limit Elevator Service Interruptions

Elevator Maintenance and Repair

Elevator service interruptions can be extremely disrupting to a building’s environment.  Here at Kencor, we are aware of how disconcerting this can be for building owners and property managers and we are here to ensure your buildings operations continue to run smoothly.

Factors Impacting Elevator Maintenance Frequency

Frequent elevator maintenance is critical to ensure your equipment continues to operate as intended and to ensure the equipment’s useful lifespan is maximized.  Several components can affect the equipment’s useful lifespan and maintenance frequency including:

  1. The age of the equipment
  2. The condition of the equipment
  3. The accumulated wear of the equipment
  4. The design and inherent quality of the equipment
  5. The amount of usage the equipment experiences
  6. The environmental conditions that are present and affecting the equipment
  7. The improved technology of the equipment

With all of the above factors at play it is important that your elevator maintenance provider take these considerations into account when recommending the maintenance intervals.  In addition, a written maintenance control program should be put into place to maintain the equipment in compliance with any applicable codes.

Ways to Mitigate Elevator Downtime

Another often overlooked issue that can lead to extended “downtime” is a lack of on-hand availability of replacement components.  Many elevator service providers do not keep a lot of inventory as they rely on a just in time inventory management approach.  When elevator component suppliers have these replacement parts available this works well, but often times there are inherent delays built into this approach that aren’t considered, or known, until it is too late.  At Kencor, we are dedicated to decreasing your downtime as much as possible and we have many common inventory parts stocked to expedite your elevator repair.

Regular Elevator Maintenance Avoids Service Interruptions

The best way to avoid service interruptions is by taking a proactive, rather than a reactive approach, by performing regular maintenance and addressing problems that are most likely to cause trouble before they become an issue.  When service interruptions do occur, it is important to ensure that replacement components are readily available to limit the downtime and return your elevator to operation as quickly as possible limiting the operational disruption to the building.