Elevator Cab Air Purification Systems

Elevator Air Purification Systems

As cases of COVID-19 are rising, as the riding public continues to return to work and as we start to encroach upon the new school year, there are many concerns with the Delta variant of COVID-19.  Keeping an elevator cab environment clean from airborne contaminants is starting to become a concern for many.  The utilization of traditional air circulation systems in conjunction with manual surface cleaning can be difficult and time consuming.  Instead, we are pleased to be able to inform you of the various air purifying technology solutions that are available to the market that continuously improve air quality and remove contaminants from the system.


Most air purifying solutions that are on the market use a process called Photocatalytic Oxidation.  The units consist of a UV light and a photocatalyst target that produce oxidizers, including hydrogen peroxide.  These convert natural humidity and air into oxidizing molecules that act as purifiers inside the elevator.  This is a proactive cleaning technology that locates and reduces air pollutants and pathogens—including bacteria, viruses, mold, and other contaminants as well as odors.  This process is fully automated, chemical free, and perfectly safe for humans and animals.


An air purification system inside an elevator not only cleans the air but also the cab’s surfaces.  Some air purifying devices can eliminate more than 99% of germs and viruses, and can be programmed to run automatically, triggered by people entering the cab, or set at specific time intervals.  This allows for the elevator environment to be constantly treated and cleaned without being touched by human hands.


Circulating ionized air throughout the cab space provides the opportunity for passengers to travel throughout your building with confidence, while it removes the need for constant cleaning of the surfaces inside the cab.

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